Human Rights Watch announces seventeenth annual film festival

The settings will range from Armenia to the Philippines to Bangladesh to Iran to the American South. (Image Courtesy: Human Rights Watch).

As part of their new partnership with Hot Docs, Human Rights Watch celebrated International Human Rights Day on Tuesday, by announcing its seventeenth international film festival, which will run from January 30 to February 4, 2020, in Toronto, according to Human Rights Watch. Five free films will be shown, in addition to three special selections for daytime school screenings, with a focus on the resistance against the racism and xenophobia plaguing the highest government offices around the globe. All showings will be followed up by in-depth panels with filmmakers, film subjects, Human Rights Watch researchers, and other special guests.

Author: Hunter Goddard

A jack of all trades, Master of Arts, in multimedia content creation and marketing. I'm developing my blog site, Suspension of Disbelief, into a collection of daily short-form news posts about the industry and craft of writing as well as flash essays where I leave the world a more beautiful place than I found it, with a talent for creative nonfiction where other artists wield a paintbrush or a musical instrument instead. Here, you will find the facts of life aestheticized into the plot points of your next favorite dramatic narrative.

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